Facts are missing places

I have discovered that hundreds, possibly into the thousands, of people in my database are missing places of birth, death, residence, burial, etc.
~The places exist in the Places File. The places also exist in the Ancestry. records for the affected individuals.
~The event/fact exists for the person with appropriate dates, but the place is blank.
~Many of these people are my direct family that have had this information entered since I started using RM7 way back when.
~I regularly backup my RM9 (every time I close it - pretty much daily)
~I have no way of knowing when this glitch happened and I would lose a lot of work by going to any of my backups - especially if I have to go back more than a week.
Any ideas how this happened and an easy way to fix it? I have corrected dozens of people already the hard way - fact by fact.

Run the Tools and hope it fixes. You may have to Restore from backup (I’d change the database name). You can Compare the 2 to see the people you’ve worked on (People View, add the Date Edited). Good luck

I run the tools every time I finish working, then I exit and back it up. :frowning: I suspect I will have to do the compare thing. Also considering just pulling a new version from Ancestry which is more accurate at this point. The problem with this is that I would lose all my customization - groups, etc.

Sounds like you may have accidently merged or deleted the incorrect places on the Place List. Check if there is a pattern on which places are missing. The other possibility is you opened the wrong database.