How do I clear out everything from RM9 and start new?

June 6 2024: I started before knowing enough and have bits and pieces all around my computer. I would like to start new as if I just downloaded the software and not have trees.

assuming you are a windows user ask google how to do each of these tasks in Windows.

  1. you can uninstall RM9 program and later redownload and install it AFTER you organize yourself with genealogy folders.
  2. you can find the tree files, media and other data folders and CAREFULLy delete RM items.
    On a mac these tasks are easy and helped by OS and 3rd party apps. Windows Explorer can find items and the control panel may uninstall RM9. Google will guide you.

You can set default folders by going to Settings, Folder Settings, click inside the box and the file icon will appear. Click on that to select the folder you want each specific item located. That will help control when you are creating new databases, backups and reports. It won’t move what is existing into those locations, that you would have to move manually on your computer.

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I have the same problem but use a Mac. Is there a way to clear out everything from RM9 and start new?

Are you trying to clear the list of recent files? If so after deleting or moving the files if you click on them in the list it will tell you they are not there and then remove them from the recent list.

Being new with RM, I don’t like the way I started several trees. I also can’t find where files are on my computer once they were saved. I have bought the book and would like to start with a clean slate.

One way you can find where the existing databases are is to open them under the recent list. At the top of the program you will see the full pathname of where the database is located.

You will want to setup default folders to use when creating a new database or backup. Go to Settings, Folder Settings to select them. Click inside the field to have the small folder icon appear. Click on it and select the default folder. You will need to move any existing databases you may have if you want them in the default folder.

File > New Database.

When I started over, I downloaded the tree structure from FamilySearch. For my tree, it is 99% for the last five-six generations. Many have researched these lines and there are only a few people here and there where folks disagree.

It gave me a way to start filling in the blanks.


  1. appcleaner free will uninstall RM9 program and associated non data files.
  2. findanyfile free/shareware will find all files with particular extensions or text parts of the filenames.
  3. in your documents folder set up a genealogy folder and in RM9 set the folder paths so you avoid clutter.
  4. If RM files are scattered and cluttered your overall mac may be disorganized. Get a basic mac os book from amazon to rethink file/folder usage.