Changing family file upon initializing RM9 program to a different family

A family file I rarely use always appears when I open RM9. How can I change it to the one I work on the most?

Open a 2nd file and close the first one. Check Settings to reopen the last open file.

I’m assuming that you are referring to the “Recent Files” list displayed on the RM9 Home Page dashboard. The simplest way to remove a RM9 db file from this list is to edit the file name using File Explorer or Finder (mac), then click on it from the “Recent Files” listing in RM9. You’ll get a pop-up message saying "File not found "and the file will be removed from the list. You can then change the RM9 file name back if you want.

If you have your system settings configured to open the last database, then see Rooty’s response. Just make sure the db you want is open when you exit RM9.

Oh! I don’t necessarily have to close the db before/when exiting RM9?! How do you close RM9? By simply clicking on the “X” in the upper right corner of the program window?

Yes, just click on the “X” in the upper right corner of the program window. I would prefer an exit button but alas it is what it is.

Besides putting a checkmark in OPEN LAST DATABASE WHEN STARTING RM

you need to put a checkmark in ASK FOR BACKUP WHEN EXITING RM and hit BACKUP each time UNLESS you made a mistake then hit SKIP BACKUP ( then you can open the prior backup to get rid of the mistake)…

Once you hit BACUP-- it will say do you want to Overwrite existing file? ( if you have one)-- say YES

you should BACKUP your files evrytime

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  1. RM9 backup checkbox will overwrite an existing backup made that same date.
  2. Such a “backup” is nice but exists only on your computer.

A real backup is a 2nd copy stored elsewhere (exxternal drive; cloud backup service; offsite flash drive). For macs time machine makes complete automatic backups easy. Windows folks do have a backup program but it is apparently not so easy to set up and restore from.

Umm, so is an external drive not “on your computer”? Because RM can backup to whatever drive is attached, external or otherwise.

Understand @Rooty BUT @Cummingsda said

SO they probably didn’t have any kind of BACKUP or not a recent one