Upgrade to RM10 want to save RM9 file (just in case)

So I have been on the Roots Magic train since at least RM7 (I know I;m just a pup) but I am familiar with some problems that always existed when migrating to a newer version. I have installed RM10 but left RM9 on the computer. Can someone please give me an easy way to keep the two separate and also a little treatise on how to convert my current RM9 file to the new RM10 database without loosing my old RM9 File. Thanks in advance for all your help in these matters!

  1. Backup your RM9 database file
  2. Create distinctly separate folder(s) where RM10 files will be stored.
  3. Copy your RM9 database (.RMTREE) from its distinct folder to RM10’s distinct folder
  4. Open RM10 Settings->Folder Settings and click upon each folder type, then click far-right folder icon to browse the file system to each of your distinct RM10 folders and save those when all selected.
  5. Goto File-> Open a RootsMagic File, then browse to that “copy” of the database file within your distinct RM10 Data folder.
  6. Your database “copy” will be converted to version 10 format and open on screen.
  7. Backup in RM10
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Think you need to send that to [support@rootsmagic.com and ask them to add it to RM9 and RM 10 help file / wiki ( with the adjustment of RM 10 to RM 9) as not everybody knows to do this ( especially when RM 9 came out)…

It’s up to you, but in addition to keeping the RMTREE files for each version in a separate folder, I also give them separate names.

So for example, I have folders named RM7, RM8, RM9, and RM10. I have more than one database for each version because of testing and special projects, but the main database names for each version are jerryrm7.rmgc, jerryrm8.rmtree, jerryrm9.rmtree, and jerryrm10.rmtree.

So how did I get from jerryrm9.rmtree to jerryrm10.rmtree without losing the ability to open jerryrm9.rmtree in RM9? Well, I copied the jerryrm9.rmtree file from the RM9 folder to the RM10 folder. Then I renamed the jerryrm9.rmtree file in the RM10 folder to jerry10.rmtree. Despite its name, jerryrm10.rmtree was at this instant still an RM9 database. Only now did I open jerryrm10.rmtree with RM10 to convert it to an RM10 database.

It seems like the process ought to be simpler, but I can’t think of a way to make it simpler.

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I think what @thejerrybryan describes is generally the best way to it. For visual learners and less tech savy it might be slightly confusing.

Thanks to everyone for the help. I’m pretty sure that is the way I did it last time when I upgraded to RM9 but I cannot usually remember what I had for breakfast yesterday much less several months ago. It would be nice if RM would put conversion instructions up for us that have gained lots of gray hair over the years!

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