Best Practices for upgrading from RM to RM 9

Are there any suggested best practices regarding file structures to facilitate the \move up to RM9 from version 8? I have all my RM files in one folder.

I decided to just make a RM9 folder and copy the RM8 databases to it. Then open & convert to 9…

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Media files will remain where they are - the RM9 upgrade of a database does not move them. New media downloads via TreeShare will go into the databasename-media folder under the RM9 database file’s folder.

How to you convert to RM9 from RM8? When I try to import from RM9 only options are RM1-7,

IF you have copied files to a new folder, no need to Import, just Open the file and it will covert to 9 format (that’s why I copied files to new folder)

Duhhh. Of course and thank you. I did copy the files to a new folder but I forgot to change the folder settings and reacted too quickly. I could have also just browsed to the new folder.