RM7 to RM9 Please

Hello. I have been away awhile as I was unhappy with RM8. I continued to use RM7, but am now ready to move to RM9 as it seems to work pretty well now. I deleted RM8, but hope there is an easy way to move my 7 data and photo links to 9. Please advise. Thanks, Bill Benson

In RM9, click File > Import Data > Import from RootsMagic 1-7

That sounds super easy. I do still have an old RM8 file there, so I guess I have to delete that first…

No, not really. If you have anything in that RM file that might now be in RM7, you might want to keep it for a bit. Just make sure to put the new RM9 import into a different folder from the RM8 file.

The media links will remain connected to the same media files in RM7. If you move your media you will need to use “Fix broken media links”, under the Media page 3 dot menu.

Thanks you both. I am all set now. ALL THE BEST! Bill

Welcome back, fellow Benson surname holder !