Transferring files

What is the best way to transfer files from RM7 to 8? So far I have only managed to transfer one file at a time and as I have a few hundred (I have a separate file for each family name) it’s going to take a while. Can I do a bulk transfer?

You have a few hundred RM7 database files?! There is no batch conversion of .rmgc files from RM7 to RM8 .rmtree database files. You have to import each one, one at a time.

But I wonder if you mean something other than database files, e.g., media files and when you say “file” you mean “folder”? If media files and folders there is no transfer or conversion required if you have installed RM8 on the same computer as RM7.

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Yes, I mean the RM7 database files. Oh well, I shall just have to get down to it! What makes it worse is that I can see no way to go back to the ‘import’ page after transferring a file. So I have to come out of the program and restart it.
This could take a while. Bad news - but thanks!!

“Create a New RootsMagic File” and “Import Data” are both under the File Tab

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I see what you mean: you cannot import to a new file while one file is open.

Rather than exiting RM, you can do:

File > Close File
Create a New RootsMagic file
Import from RootsMagic 1-7…


File > Close File

Home > Import File

What Terry says is the better answer.

Thanks, Terry and Tom, I’ll try your suggestions