Making the transition from RM7 to 8

Just now downloaded RM8 and having a hard time navigating. Any helps would be appreciated?

Mike, I am new to RootsMagic overall, the Webinars that Terry pointed out are well done and at a pace that is worthy of watching. I learned much from them. Looking forward to more!

Terry, you know of a schedule for future live ones?


They will update the Coming soon section on that link when there are new webinars. Until then no one knows…

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Your Home page has links to the Webinars and RootsMagic TV. I expect that they will announce any new ones in the News panel above the Help and Support one

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Thanks to all for the replys. Question? When I downloaded RM8 I took for granted that It took the RM7 info into the new version. Am I wrong? I tried to import RM7 files and RM8 would not do it since I had already began populating the RM8 program. I am confused as to why I could not import Rm7 into RM8. How can I make sure all the info from RM7 is now in RM8:?

RM8 will import your RM7 file into a new RM8 database. If you just started putting people in manually you need to stop, import RM7 data into a new RM8 file and start adding data to that file.

You need to understand the difference between a program and a data file that it creates or uses. Ask Uncle Google and read about the basics of file, folders and programs.