How do I move RM 7 to RM 8

I don’t know how to move 7 to 8 , I need help.

  1. For most questions (computer…health…etc) just ask Google and shift through the responses for recent on topic items. For basic computer background, just buy a basic $20 book from Amazon like “teach yourself visually Macbook…MB Pro…iMac etc.” as appropriate to your computer.

  2. You do not “move RM7 to 8” RM7 is one program. RM8 is a different program and you would download it from the website and install it as usual. Both 7 and 8 can exist on the same comuputer but do not get confused which file and media folder is your master.

If you are asking about moving an existing RM7 database to RM8 it is an Import process. From the Home screen choose Import file, import from another program, RM vers 1-7. Choose you most current RM7 file.

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Thank you, I did what you said I just had to figure out how to move forward after that. It was hit and miss but I am in.