Rootsmagic 7 on new computer with Rootsmagic 8

My husband has moved RM 8 and family file to our new computer using a flash drive. I am uncomfortable with doing away with RM 7 at this point, for one I use it to type notes and paste to RM 8.

Can RM 7 be moved to the new computer and remain separate from RM8?

When moving RM 8 there were some confusing directions, such as naming the file. Should the file be named the same as it was on the old computer? Also, it gave directions to register. RM 8 was already registered last Oct. What is the best answer?

Also, should we move it with drop box or ???

I have no experience in these procedures. Thanks much, Caroline


Basically you can move RM7 the same way you already moved RM8 and it will remain separate.

Download RM7 software on the new computer and install it on the new computer using your RM7 key.

Copy your RMGC database to the new computer.

I don’t know whether you need to copy media files or not because you may be using the same media files on RM7 as on RM8.

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Thanks so much for your answer.
My RM 8 is already registered and I will also move it to the laptop. What choice do I use when given the choice of registering now or later?

Do I use the same file name as on the old computer?

In the process of moving RM8 we somehow uploaded the file twice. Having both will lead to mistakes such as adding some info to one, some to the other. How do I delete one of the files - they are identical?

I have searched this community and the wiki for answers to all the above. My apologies if I have asked a question that has already been answered.


Yes, and there is some strong reason to change the file name on the new computer, and there usually isn’t such a reason.

You should delete one of them, but the question would be which one to delete. It’s hard to see how you could have duplicates because you can’t have duplicate files in the same folder. So you must have copied the file twice, once to one folder and once to a different folder. Assuming you haven’t changed either file yet, it shouldn’t matter which one you delete. Keep the one that’s in the correct folder and delete the one that’s in the incorrect folder.

And assuming you have not changed either one of them yet, you could delete them both and copy from the old computer again - this time only copying once. But if you have changed them already, there could be a problem. Which one have you already changed, and have you already changed both of them? You need to be pretty careful about that before deleting anything.

Family Genealogy.rmtree is the file that has all my data. The other file, familygenealogy.rm8.rmtree, is just the program, no data. I should have figured this out first thing.

The duplication is from each file having a slightly different name.

Do I delete the empty file from inside D Drive, the drive where it is stored?


You can delete the empty file just like you do any other. Right click on it and select Delete from the menu. Make sure you know exactly what you are deleting so that an accident doesn’t happen.

Suggest you find a basic user guide to the windows or mac operating system on amazon. Questions like this are best answered by asking google and indicate a real lack of file folder program understanding. Make sure your spouse understands more and has a sound backup plan in operation. This is multiple copies of all files in multiple places.

You can delete the empty file that way if you wish, and doing so is just fine. You can also delete the empty file from within RM8. First open the file. Then Tool => File => Delete.

Thanks, sooo much, for your help. I’ve been a RM user since RM 4 and never had problems with moving to a new computer or transferring to a laptop.

I haven’t tried to delete the other file and would never have found the option in tools. I am good to go.

Now, if RM would just make the notes workable like “Word” with spell check and timely show of what is being typed I will be quite happy.

Good day – and evening - to you,