Want to move Roots Magic from windows to mac

My husband has run his Roots Magic on windows but we are both looking at new laptops and he is wondering about moving to Mac which is what I have always used. Can he move or open his RM in Mac? We are not sure what is involved in moving his RM files to Mac? Any help greatly appreciated! We both have RM7 but will upgrade to 8 with new laptops. Thanks!

I haven’t check to see what OS is required for RM7 these days, however I am sure the new macs have a late enough version that RM7 is not likely to run so an upgrade to RM8 would probably be required. Your existing RM7 databases can be imported into RM8. RM8 actually has a Mac native version so using the wrapper software, like version 7 does, is no longer needed.

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Thanks! But what I am wanting to know is how to move a roots Magic file from windows to Mac?

Just like you would move any other file. Via some form of cloud storage, or flash drive, or other type of portable drive. You will also need to move the media files if you have any attached to your database.

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Thanks! So the RM files he has on his windows laptop should work on Mac. I figured there would be lots of issues.

RM7 will not run on modern macs since Bruce stopped paying for the wrapper several years ago. Just install RM8 on the mac and copy over your RM7 database file and the folder with your media. RM8 should import the RM7 file, convert it and you then tell it where to look for media, etc.

Be aware that RM8 is still a work-in- progress.

You may want to wait for a macbook air 15" expected later this year unless you would want a desktop unit and then the iMac would be your choice. I suggest a basic book from amazon on the mac operating system to get up to speed easily.

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Thanks! So if he gets a new macbook air we can install RM8, then copy over his Windows RM7 database file and media and it should work? Much easier than I thought.

I’m currently running RM7 on my Macbook Air (2017) but am running it with Big Sur. So far no issues. I am planning on upgrading my MacBook Air to a new one also.

More worried about his RM files as he has done much more ancestry work on his side of family than I have - ha! Don’t want him to lose anything.

Many thanks for your help!

Actually it will run on modern macs. You just have to buy your own copy of Crossover or whatever other emulator you like.


You don’t transfer your RM program to a Mac. You download a new Mac version to the Mac and install it. If you already have an RM8 for your PC, you can use the same key for the Mac. Otherwise, you will need to purchase a new RM8 key. Having purchased the new RM8 key, it will work on a PC or a Mac. But you download the Mac version of RM to a Mac and the PC version of RM to a PC.

In addition, you need to copy your data files from your PC to your Mac. I think that’s the question others have been answering. Your RM7 database will have a file extension of RMGC. You will also need to copy any media files you have from your PC to the Mac. The most common way to do so is copy the files from your PC to a thumb drive or memory stick or whatever you want to call it, and then copy the files from there to your Mac. There are other ways of doing it, but that’s the most common.

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Thanks - - yep - - running RM7 but haven’t upgraded past Big Sur

Thank you! I understand I won’t transfer the program from windows to Mac. Will purchase RM8 that we both will use for our macs, then if I understand everyone, will just transfer his RM7 database files to the new mac along with his related media files.

My concern was since his was created on the windows side, it was going to be a more difficult transition than just moving and running. I do understand there may be some adjustments to be made to the media side possibly after everything is moved.

Yes, it’s just a matter of copying the RM7 db and media files to your mac. Then update folder setting preferences to align with mac file structures and run ‘fix broken media links’. You can test that on your mac now since your running Big Sur.

Regardless of OS, the same considerations for upgrading from 7 to 8 apply. This is a good reference thread on some db cleanup steps you might want to consider.

Your husband can keep his old windows machine to be able to have a working RM7 version (assuming you won’t want to provide that service ongoing) or he can buy a copy of Crossover or some other sw that will run windows in a virtual machine on his new mac, as Ken suggested. RM8 will run natively on MacOS Monterey and Ventura.

Supported OS versions are here:

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Thanks very much for your information and clarification. Every bit helps this old gal!

As unfinished as the mac version of RM8 is, running windows virtually on a mac is a bad choice. It is a strain on the mac and you are bring all the windows nonsense and malware issues along when you can just forget them by using a stable integrated OS (the mac).

I really suggest getting him a basic user guide to the mac OS. It will help him dump his windows bad habits and adapt to the new possibilities. The apple free apps are all most people need.

Helpful Links for Someone New to the Mac
Basic Books
For a visual overview of the features and operating system. Amazon used books are usually fine and save money.

Colorful guide to Monterey

Teach yourself Visually iMac

Teach yourself Visually Macbook Pro and Air

Apple Support Guides
Iphone mac OS iMac Essentials

Monterey Pages Numbers Keynote Preview Finder

macmost.com is a low key practical source of free videos on various topics.

Dan’s tutorials also have free videos on various mac topics presented in an easy style.

Naples FL mac user group NMUG has free weekly videos on various topics.

Uncle Google can answer almost ANY question you can ask in plain english and you can refine your phrasing based on the responses you get. Just pay attention to the source and date of the answers. ie the flat earth society is not a good source for geography and computer advice older than a few years may be irrelevant to current software.

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What malware would that be? Surely malware wouldn’t be able to impact a Mac if it were all that you claim Macs are. If Macs are all of that and a bag of chips, how the hell is running RM in a virtual OS going to be hard on a Mac? I am beginning to believe I was smart to not buy a MacInCrap! You claim that a modern Mac won’t run RM7, but you are wrong, so you should apologize to the original poster for being misleading.

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Appreciate the info. I think he’s goi g to switch to Mac.

I really appreciate all the info given by everyone. Have a good Friday and great weekend.

I don’t think anybody mentioned that your RM8 key is a household key. I think it’s good for up to 5 computers in the same household. It really is a household license so you can’t use your key at your house and share your key with your brother-in-law to use at his house. The computers can be any mixture of PC and Mac, so if you already have an RM8 key “for a PC”, it’s not really for a PC. It’s for any PC or Mac computers in the household. The same key can be used on a PC and a Mac at the same time as long as both machines are in the same household.

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Thanks for that reminder! I’m getting ready to upgrade to RM8 first and then my husband is going to follow along with switch to Mac.

If you understood how virtualization works you would realize that the windows environment has to be protected against windows malware, often breaks and displays all the aspects of windows mac users have chosen to avoid. Parallels also allows file sharing as an option between the two OSs which can infect the mac side at least as carriers to other windows users (typhoid mary).

RM tech support told me some time ago that mojave was the last mac os to run the RM7 wrapper.