How to Import database files from RM7 to RM8?

In RM 7, the database files are stored as a “*.rmgb” file type. RM 8 seems to use a different file type, as the RM 7 database file type appears not be recognized. For that reason I can’t figure out how to import RM 7 data. I have that stored in a “Personal” folder where it is backed up. I’m not able to find any other location in Windows 7.

In the File tab of RM8 select Create a New RootsMagic File (the first option). This will open a new window where the second option is Import from RootsMagic 1-7 … This will then open a further option where you select the first option (RootsMagic Versions 1-7). This will create a new RM8 database file with the .rmtree file extension. Your RM7 file will remain as it is, where it is. It is not overwritten and you can still open it in RM7 if you so wish. The .rmgb file that you refer to is actually a backup file and NOT your RM7 database file which has a .rmgc extension. You cannot import the backup file as it is a compressed zip file.



If you want to import the .rmgb backup file to RM8, you will first need to restore the backup into RM7 (File > Restore), observing where the database (.rmgc) will be filed on your computer (the “Restore to” button).

Then follow Terry’s directions for importing the RM7 database into RM8.

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Thanks Debbie,
I was able to do the import successfully. Thanks for your help. You can close this ticket. Much appreciated.
Jeff McCormack

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