Back up file not opening

My last laptop died on me and I had to get a new one. The shop transferred all my data etc to the new laptop except when I came to look at RootsMagic the files were empty. No problem, I thought as I had them backed up onto a memory stick. However, I was using RootsMagic 7 and now have RootsMagic 8 and it can’t seem to recognise the backup files. I’ve tried RootsMagic support and S&N Genalogy Support but they don’t seem to be able to help so suggested I try the community. Any ideas?

download v7, restore the backup and Import to newer version

You may rediscover your database files with RM7 because RM8 may be looking for them with only the new extension. Its File > Import operation gives a choice of importing from RM7 and earlier and will show them, unless your tech completely missed copying those folders to your new computer.

Even without downloading RM7, there is a way for RM9 to read the data from the RM7 backup file. Namely, make a copy of the RM7 backup file and rename the copy with a .zip extension instead of with an .rmgb extension. Then unzip the file and your RM7 database will be there with an .rmgc extension. RM9 can then import the .rmgc file because it will see it as an RM7 file.


You should be able to restore the RM7 backup inside of RM8. Go to File, Restore from backup, and select the .rmgb file. It will create a new .rmtree file out of it while restoring.

Good answers below but:

  1. switch to RM9. 8 was a bad and now unsupported version.
  2. implement a better computer backup plan: automatic external drive and cloud service backup. Multiple copies in multiple places.