Convert new file extension. rmtree

How to change RM extension to .rmtree

If you are using RM7, you don’t change it. You import the RM 7 database into RM9 which will convert and open the file. If you have something such as a .rmgb file, or .rmbackup, those need to be restored from within the RM program.

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Sorry I am not clear with my question. I have RM9 that was imported from RM7 but I can’t do a backup. Seems I should change the extension.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that both for RM7 and RM9… a backup file is REALLY just a .ZIP archive file with the database file squished inside it. For RM7 the backup filename extension is .RMGB and for RM9 the backup filename extension is .RMBACKUP and one CANNOT just change filename extensions. Doing a backup from within the RM9(orRM7) program squishes the database into that .ZIP archive file format with those particular filename extensions, in lieu of using .ZIP for the extension.

If, instead, you mean that when running RM9, you try File->Backup and it gives you an error… what is the error message displayed? Where are you trying to save the backup to? For example, what have you entered here:

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Thank you for your reply!

When running RM I do File- Backup, when I click the backup I get the following,

“An error was encountered opening this Database:”

e:rw backup (2024-05-16) i.DBF was not found

Do you mean …from outside of RootsMagic? Like, from Windows File Explorer?
RootsMagic backup files such as MyDatabase.rmbackup are made to be opened from within the program itself via File → Restore from Backup.

You ~can~ open MyDatabase.rmbackup with an archiver/unarchiver like WinZip, 7Zip, WinRAR, PeaZip, etc. and then “extract” the MyDatabase.rmtree file to a location.

I think I am on a wild goose chase here. I had RM7 on a previous computer that I was having problems with, and getting a message saying “No boot disk detected or disk failed”. Not sure if it is worth repairing the old computer so I can import to the new comp.?

Do you only have one backup that is on the hard drive of the old computer? If you have a good backup file you can access, install RM7 on the new computer, then put in your old registration number. Then from the File menu on RM7 on the new computer, RESTORE the backup.

I guess the major issue is – do you have a backup that you can put on a flash drive or other device so that you can restore to the new computer.

some of the new computers offer a way to migrate your files from the old computer to the new…

If you have some computer know how, google can I still access my files in the computer when it says “No boot disk detected or disk failed”– you will get many hits on not only how you MIGHT be able to salvage your computer BUT also MAYBE save your files— If this is beyond what you feel comfortable with, perhaps call a local guy or a chain store who specializes in computer repairs…

This is confusing for those trying to help. e: in the above message often indicates the drive letter for an external storage media (pluggable USB hard drive, thumb drive, SD card, etc. so, IS that where you have these problem file/files stored?

Also, .DBF as mentioned in the error are a filetype that RootsMagic used way back in earlier versions of RootsMagic before 2009. You’ve mentioned using RM9 to bring in your data from RM7, but were you a user of those early versions of RootsMagic? Could this file be a backup from those earlier versions? Can you share the(se) “problem” files?