Backup of RootsMagic9

New to RootsMagic9.
I backed up the program for the first time and it asked how I would like to open it with.
not knowing any better, clicked Adobe Acrobat. Well, it will not open with it.
how did I correct this problem and save it in my filename?
Step by step would be helpful! Thanks!

I assume the process of creating the backup file created a file with an *.rmbackup extension and that you then clicked on the *.rmbackup file in an attempt to open it.

It basically doesn’t work that way. Rather, you open the RM program and then from within RM you do a File => Restore to restore the backup file.

Well, I’m still guessing about what you did. Instead of trying to open an RM backup file with an *.rmbackup extension, you may have tried to open an RM database file with an *.rmtree extension. Again, you normally open the RM program and them from within RM you do a File => Open. And it’s even easier than that most of the time. For example, from RM’s Home screen there is a list of recent files that you can just click on to open. And you can also set RM to open automatically a the last database that was opened. But these easier cases still imply that you open the RM program rather than trying to open the RM database file.

I’ve never set up my computer to be able to open RM by opening the database file rather than by opening the RM program. I think it’s supposed to work. But if it’s going to work, you would need to set up your computer’s file Associations so that files with the *.rmtree extension are associated with the RM program rather than being associated with some totally unrelated program such as Adobe Acrobat.

There was a recent discussion a few weeks ago that it does NOT work in RM 8 nd RM 9