Copy and paste vs. importing from RM7 to RM8

This may be a technical issue but wonder if there is a difference between Copy/paste the rm7 master file into the RM8 and renaming it with the .rmtree extension as opposed to importing the file via RM8 import from RM7.

You can’t simply rename an RMGC file as an RMTREE file and then open the file in RM8. The RM8 database has a different structure than the RM7 database. RM8 can’t simply use an RM7 database as its own. Instead, the RM8 import of an RM7 database converts from one data structure to the other.

I wouldn’t want to do it that way anyway, even it would work I would want to leave my RM7 database unmodified by RM8 forever. But the fact that the RM7 and RM8 databases have a different structure means that I have no choice but to do what I would have done anyway.

I think it’s a reasonable question because RM6 and RM7 used databases that were identical in format, and either one could read a database created by the other. But there is a huge change in the database format from RM7 to RM8.


Thank You…import it is!

Just curious - why would you want to copy and paste rather than import?

Have you tried? I cannot imagine how you would copy/paste within the program UI other than through the OS file manager. It’s conceivable that RM8 might recognize the renamed RM7 file with the .rmtree extension as an RM7 and proceed to import it the same as it would if it is opened directly with the original .rmgc extension.

I just tried for the fun of it. RM8 gives an error message and does not do anything with the renamed RM7 file.

sometimes you can just change a file’s extension and have it work. I dimly remember that old Appleworks database files were salvageable to a spreadsheet with such a change

this is what I would have expected