How to transfer RM7 Windows file to RM8 on a Mac

I have installed RM 8 on my new M1 Mac (Monterey). My RM7 data is on a PC. How do I get my RM7 data to RM8 on my Mac?

Transfer the .rmgc file from your PC to your Mac. Then go into RM 8, choose File and then Import Data. You’ll see the choice to Import from RootsMagic 1-7.

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Thanks but did not work. The RM7 file on the Mac is greyed out. I transferred it via Gmail as an attachment. I tried to save to Dropbox but it said my browser was out of date.

Any help would be appreciated.

format a flash drive as ms dos on mac so your dumb pc can see it.
copy your database to thumb drive from your pc
copy file from thumb drive to mac

if gmail allowed the emailed attachment through you should have just downloaded it on the mac. forget dropbox messing around.

Assuming you have the Dropbox app installed on the PC, then manually copy the .rmgc file to the Dropbox folder. On the Mac, you should then be able to access Dropbox and access the file there.

Thanks everyone for your help but no joy. I see the .rgmc file in Finder but it is grayed out . This is the file from Windows. Is a conversion of some sort needed? Also I do not see the option to restore a backup from Dropbox on RM8 on my M1 Mac.

It worked! Thanks to everyone who took the time to help me out. One of my problems was trying to use the back up file instead of the working file. I know better now.

Thanks everyone! And thanks to Bruce, Renee and everyone else at RM who made a full version for the Mac.

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