Mac saving to dropbox - yay :)


  • Fixed: Saving or backing up to Dropbox on Mac now works
    Don’t know if this announcement was meant to encompass the below, but regardless, for the first time, for me, on my Mac, exporting a database to Dropbox worked instead of supposedly working but vanishing into the ether.
    Can now successfully export the database from my Dropbox > Apps > RootsMagic folder and load it for use on my ipad mini to take it with me.
    It didn’t last time I tried it - under 8.1.2

Thank you.

Yes, the backup is there in the Dropbox Apps folder, but I cannot get it to download to my iPhone - nothing happens.
Clearly I’m doing something wrong (or not doing something at all!), but it’s so long since I used this feature that I can’t remember in the details of how to do it.
Help, advice, please!

Mine sort of just works, and I’m not sure what might be missing on yours. After you get the RMGC file into Dropbox app folder on your PC or Mac, there are two things you need to do on the iPhone. One is to install the Dropbox app on the iPhone. That includes giving the Dropbox app your account information so your iPhone can logon to Dropbox. The other is to install the RM mobile app on the iPhone and tell it to load the RMGC file. You don’t see the “RMGC”. You just see the main part of the file name.

I can’t remember if originally I had to lookup the RMGC file from within the Dropbox app on the iPhone or if all I had to do find the RMGC file from the iPhone app. In any case, at the present time if I store a new RMGC file in the Dropbox app on the folder on my PC, all I have to do to see the new RMGC file in my iPhone is to use the RM app on my iPhone. The Dropbox stuff in the middle seems pretty automatic.

The iPhone app cannot read a backup file. It requires a .rmgc file which can be created by using File>Export Data>Dropbox

The iPhone end is OK, but actually I think I just did something very stupid with the RM file.
My bad!