RootsMagic file in Apps folder in Dropbox

I noticed in my Dropbox folder on my Windows 10 computer that there is an Apps folder. Inside I found a RootsMagic folder. Inside that was a .rmgc file.

What setting caused the database file to go into Apps in Dropbox? I didn’t want it to go there.

I assume it is a RM7 file, but I also have RM9 installed and use it now and then.

It is used by RM9 by File>Export Data>Dropbox to get a RM7 .rmgc file used by the app on iPhone/iPAD. In RM7 it was available for the same purpose until Dropbox made a change and broke the functionality. The RM8 functionality was the same as RM9.

Thanks. I don’t have an iphone or i anything, so that’s weird that I would have a RM database file in Dropbox.