iOS on iPad and iPhone not recognising RM8 files on Dropbox

RM8 won’t save to dropbox so I place a copy in the appropriate folder but only RM7 files are seen by the iPad and iPhone RM App. Any suggestions? Windows 10 .

You need to Export.


Your RM8 file is an RMTREE file. It must be converted to an RMGC file that the mobile app can read. You can’t simply make a copy of your RMTREE file and rename it to RMGC or anything like that because there must be a conversion process. To run the conversion process, the steps are File => Export => Dropbox. What happens when you run these steps?

Thanks Jerry, I was using the window that pops up when you close the file but I realise that this only produces a backup file.

I’ve now found the export route and all’s fine now.
Thanks again, Frank

I was saving a backup and then tried to copy the rmtree file directly to Dropbox!

I’ve now found the export route.