RM iPhones APP - add an ancestry file

I have the latest version of RM 8.1 and I wish to add the ancestry file to the RM APP on my iPhone. I have tried to follow the method shown on Youtube and the options are:
i) to use iTunes and search the RM APP, however ITunes does not support any Apps any longer so this does not seem to work,
ii) Use Dropbox, however this software has not been free for the last few years and I do not wish to sign up to it, I use Google Drive for all my computers which is actually free.
Has anyone recently managed to upload a RM ancestry file to an iPhone APP?

Dropbox Basic is free and comes with 2GB of storage

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The transfer function in iTunes has been replaced by Finder. When you connect your iOS or iPadOS devices, they appear in the left hand menu.

However, the app needs an RM7 format file and the only way currently to create one is to use your second option of saving to Dropbox and RM8 will create an RM7-like file that the app is happy to accept, it seems.

Many thanks.

I have now:

  1. Downloaded Drop Box on an Ipad & iPhone

  2. On the Mac desktop I have found the files within my RM documents directory and copied the ‘media’ file and ‘family.rmtree’ file to Drop box, they both show within the ‘RM’ folder in Dropbox.

  3. On the Roots Magic App on the Ipad & Iphone the menu has Dropbox, the database does not seem to have arrived as I am offered ‘Unlink Dropbox account. I also clicked on the synch circle arrow but it only takes me to help instructions.
    Any further help is appreciated.

Your step #2 is invalid. You must use the File > Export Data > Dropbox function to generate the RM7-like but different .rmgc file that is compatible with RootsMagic on the iOS device and sends it directly to Dropbox in the cloud from which your iOS device will retrieve the file to its local Dropbox folder.

Problem 1:
File > Export Data > Dropbox function > Exporting RM data 100% > Dropbox ‘Allow RM access to its own folder’ > file saved to dropbox > review dropbox file (iPhone & Mac) > imported ‘family.rmtree’ (again .rmgc does not exist) > click on family.rmtree and data ‘6.3MB’ is shown > do I click on share link, if so to what - I cant see the RM APP in the list and RM app just shows a help page.
I am now getting frustrated and probably will give this a miss as I cant easily get it working.

Problem 2:
I have successfully loaded RM to my Macbook and downloaded ancestry.co.uk successfully together with my family tree and all the media (using Version 10.15.7). I loaded RM onto my older IMac and it refuses to download the ancestry tree, the option is not showing up.

This explanation from Tom is the only way to get an RM file from RM8 to the RM app on an iPad or iPhone. The app requires a file with a type of rmgc and the only way to create that type of file in RM8 is as Tom explained. All other versions of your data file in RM8 have a file type of rmtree. There are other ways of transferring that to an iOS device, but the app will not be able to recognise it as a file that it can read.

Thankyou for the advice but dropbox does not convert the file, I am now getting an unexpected error - SQLite report error when I simply click on the export data to Dropbox. Seems the software has a bug.
I have lost my patience so will not proceed any further and assume the App cannot be utilised and also my IMac cannot be used to download Ancestry files.

Does your iMac have one of macOS Sierra (10.12) through macOS Monterey (12.0)?

I don’t now Mac so I can’t be of much help to you.

Dropbox doesn’t convert the file, it just moves it. RM8 converts the file back to a pseudo-RM7 format in this specific case.

I can view and amend my ancestry tree file .rmtree quite happily, it is now obvious that I need to convert this .rmtree to a .rmgc file to view it on an iPhone. All the demos on Youtube do not show how you convert the file as they just assume there is a .rmgc file.
Can I have simple stages please to tell me how to convert .rmtree>.rmgc?

It is supposed to happen automatically when you go through the menu
File > Export Data > Dropbox
You should not need to do anything more from RM8 but wait for it to finish. If you have a Dropbox account set up in RM8, it should automatically upload the .rmgc file to your Cloud folder. If your iOS device is logged into the same account, opening the iOS RM app should result in your seeing the file in its File listing. Maybe you have to refresh the listing to trigger the download.

I’ve not been able to export to Dropbox from RM7 or 8 because of some socket error that no other application has so I’ve not used the iOS or Android app for a couple of years.