Transferring rm from windows computer to ipad

I am trying to transfer my files from a windows computer to an iPad. I have sent it to my Dropbox. I see it there but cannot access it. Please someone send me the step by step instructions! Thank you

Did you use the “EXPORT DATA” / DROPBOX option to get your data to your DropBox?

A better option is to use the free and regularly updated ancestry iOS app which will access any of your trees. It also allows edits…changes unlike the 2015 RM app which is simply a read only app and far less capable.

The app still does work under ios (iPad and iPhone), but is read only.

If you have the iPad RootsMagic app loaded
On Windows use the File > export data > Dropbox option
This will put the correct file into Dropbox / Apps / RootsMagic directory
Start the iPad app and select Dropbox (rather than on device) for the file
you should be able to download the file into the app