Access to RM8 on iPad

I have accessed RM6 and RM7 on my iPads for sometime without difficulty. Cannot seem to add RM8. I back up my file to Dropbox automatically. Whenever I close RM8, the file is plainly in the correct place in Dropbox where the previous files reside and is updated, as I can see the time & date. However, that file never appears in my database selections when I open RootsMagic on my iPad - not even under the Dropbox tab. I have tried unlinking the Dropbox Account completely and relinking - nada, nothing, just doesn’t appear as a selection. The old files are x.rmgc - the RM8 file is x.rmtree. Obviously the iPad is not recognizing the new file extension.
Is there a fix for this??? If I deleted the old files, would that make a difference?

In RM8, you need to export the file to Dropbox (click the File menu and select Export Data). If you export to Dropbox, it will create an .rmgc file from the .rmtree file.

The mobile app cannot read an RMTREE file . Simply renaming an RMTREE file to RMGC will not solve the problem because the file formats are different. Follow kfunk’s advice. RM8’s export to Dropbox process creates an RMGC file that can be read by the mobile app.

Please see my reply to yours on your other thread about this