App not finding Dropbox File

All of a sudden the RootsMagic app refuses to show me the .rmgc files in my Dropbox. I have deleted and exported them again from the RootsMagic desktop programme, checked they are there and in the correct folders (Apps/RootsMagic in the root Dropbox folder, and I have uninstalled and re-installed the app. Nothing works so I cannot load my trees in the app at all. Not sure what has changed as the app has not been updated for 4 years according to the iOS App Store.

One solution is to use the excellent free ancestry ios app. It will see any tree on and let you both view and edit it. The app is regularly updated and works well.

Thanks Rooty. Yes I have used that method in the past, and agree the app is very good. Unfortunately I am uncomfortable with Ancestry’s privacy and property ownership terms and conditions so not using them for my full tree material. I have however just discovered an app called GEDview which might fit the bill, although it would not import the GEDCOM file from RM8 so I have contacted support to see if I can figure out why. To be honest it’s not crucial as I can take my Macbook out and about - it’s just a shame the RM app has got so little love and functions poorly.

Response deleted… missed the iOS reference.

We’ve just finished testing iPad and iOS devices that we have and the RM App for iOS is still uploading new databases.

What iOS device and version are you using?

I am using an iPad Pro 9.7 inch running iOS 15.5

I forgot you can plug the iPad into a Mac and add the file to RM app in Finder, so I have done that and got my tree on the app that way.

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Are you using RM7 or RM8? If RM8, presumably you are doing the save to Dropbox but then moving/copying from there using Finder. Is that the way?

Yes, I’m using RM8 and exporting to Dropbox. Then copying the RM7 file from Dropbox to the RM app.