RootsMagic Android App

I have problems getting the Android App to work.

I couldn’t find one in the the normal Play Store, but found a Version 1.01 (2012-2014) in the Amazon Appstore. Tried it on a couple of Android devices but it doesn’t even get into my Dropbox account. I get this splash screen when it fails.

Naturally I’ve checked that the Dropbox account is accessible through normal login, it has the Apps/Rootsmagic directory structure, and a couple of .rmgc files, the latest just generated by RootsMagic 8 on my Windows PC.

So Windows Rootsmagic 8 software can get there, just not the Android App ! And yes, I can login to Dropbox thro’ browsers on all the Android devices too.

What confuses me is that it’s telling me the app is ‘not correctly configured’, but there seems to be no way of configuring it…

Does anyone know where Dropbox downloads the .rmgc file to, on Android devices, then I can probably put it there myself. Or is there a later/better version of the App anywhere ? Thanks in advance.

I’m an iPhone user rather than an Android user, but the location is the same either way, namely it’s \dropbox\Apps\RootsMagic\ But you have already confirmed that’s where RM8 put the RMGC file.

When RM8 creates the copy of the RMGC file, it doesn’t know or care whether the mobile device is going to be an iPhone or an Android. Since I don’t use Android, I can’t guarantee that the Android app doesn’t want the RMGC file somewhere else, but it wouldn’t make sense for it to be somewhere else.

I can run the Dropbox app on my iPhone and search for RMGC files. The first one that comes up is the RMGC file created by RM8. I would assume that you can run the same test on the Dropbox app on your Android. If you can run that test successfully, then then I’m not sure what else you could try. Note the this little test does not involve the RM mobile app at all. It just involves the Dropbox mobile app to the sure the file is on my mobile device.

I just ran one further test. My RM mobile app was still using the RMGC file put into Dropbox by RM7. So I tried the RMGC file put into Dropbox by RM8 in the RM mobile app. It came up just fine. As I was saying, the mobile app doesn’t know the difference between RMGC files created by RM7 or RM8. And when RM7 or RM8 is putting an RMGC file into Dropbox, they don’t know if your mobile device is iPhone or Android.

My Android Version is 1.4 (copyright 2012-2015). Still works on Samsung Galaxy A51 Android 11, more or less. I rarely use it and just made it crash on the database opened in the last session which was months ago and I’m not even sure which one it was - it could have been from RM8-Beta.

However, RM7 for 2-3 years now cannot save to Dropbox cloud on my Windows 10 pc, nor can RM8. I have to save to the local Dropbox folder.

I think you’re SOL for the RM app unless you can get it from RM Inc and sideload it. Since it’s read-only, you might consider other approaches:

  • a GEDCOM viewer app: you’d export from RM to the shared cloud system’s local folder
  • upload to an online tree, e.g. TreeShare to Ancestry or FamilySearch Family Tree and use your mobile’s browser or their apps, which can also support working on the tree. not just viewing
  • upload to your own tree website, e.g., RM’s or GEDCOM and John Cardinal’s GEDsite and view with your browser

Thanks guys, everything about Dropbox is fine, I can talk to it from all my devices, as can Windows RootsMagic8, the files etc. are where they should be - Dropbox is not the problem.

The only problem is the Android app (from several devices) just doesn’t even get me a Dropbox login screen.

a) are there any configuration tweaks on the app ? I can’t find any.

b) when the app pulls the file down from Dropbox, where does it put it on the Android filesystem ? I could do that manually if no data conversion is involved from Dropbox to App.

c) where can I get that newer version of the Android app, because there obviously is one ?
Just the RootsMagic.apk file I guess would do it… Anybody got one ?

I just used DuckDuckGo and searched on Rootsmagic.apk and found two sites with copies of version 1.4. Your decision if you trust them.



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Thanks BobC, DuckDuckGo is a new one on me, useful …

My antivirus got suspicious, so I’ll dig out my old android phone to initially download to - don’t mind if that gets polluted…

RM8 can save directly to Dropbox and has been able to do so for some time now. If your RM8 doesn’t, then you may have some other issue that needs to be tracked down if you want to do a direct save as opposed to the local folder.

The direct save to Dropbox was broken in RM7. The problem was caused by changes in Dropbox and that RM7 was not updated to reflect the changes in Dropbox.

The direct save to Dropbox has always worked for me from RM8 ever since I first tried doing it. Reading through this thread, it sounds like the OP’s problem is getting the correct version of the RM mobile app installed on the Android device. It looks from this distance as if everything else is working.

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Agreed. Something about socket unavailable but Dropbox itself is fine as was some other app (I forget which) could direct upload when last checked some months ago. So I suspect the fault lies with RM Inc’s interface to the Dropbox API.

All sorted, I got a link to a pukka v1.4 Andtoid App from a very helpful chap on the Facebook group.

So avoid the v1.01 on Amazon App Store !

BobC - those two links - thanks for going to the trouble and looking tho’ - were complained about by my virus checker, and either failed or went away forever when I checked them on an old, retired, phone…

Here is the working 1.4 !
Message me if you’d like a copy.

Footnote : If anyone from RootsMagic Support reads this, please take the v1.01 Android App off Amazon App Store, it doesn’t work, and certainly doesn’t do RootsMagic any favours, by wasting my/our time !! :frowning:


The RootsMagic App is currently not available from the Google Play Store. The RootsMagic App is still available to download directly from our website. The directions have been added to the RootsMagic Help Wiki, under FAQ Support Questions.

RootsMagic App no longer in Google Play Store

Thanks, I just checked if the Amazon App Sore one was still there, search found one -strangely, clicking on it in the App Store opens the 1.4 App on my Android phone…

I’ll bookmark the WikI for future use ! :slightly_smiling_face:

You might like to be warned that searching the internet for rootsmagic.apk finds sites like Aptiode which offer a download - but it’s their own ‘installer’ that gets downloaded, which probably doesn’t do the Android device much good :frowning: at all…
You have to uninstall the Aptiode program and any files that came down with it, as it seems to take over from the normal Android installer. Beware :imp:

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If you are using Windows then just pressing F1 in RM8 will get you the Wiki. Not sure about Mac but sure there will be an equivalent.

I also use RM8’s Home tab a great deal to get links to the Wiki, to the Online Community, and to lots of other stuff. So far, using the Home tab in this manner has seemed easier for me than managing a bunch of bookmarks. I’m sure that the easiest way to manage this kind of information will vary a great deal from user to user.