Mobile access to Dropbox

When I try to access Dropbox from my phone Rootsmagic App it says there was a problem when trying to connect. Any ideas on what could be the problem. I have been able to do this many times in the past. I am using Rootsmagic 7.

Are you on an Android or iOS device?

I am using Android. Can I manually upload to my Android phone? Do I need the dropbox app to be on my phone?

The RM App for Android has been retired. Dropbox made breaking changes on the Android version so a new database will no longer upload. We have no details on when or if it will be replaced. The RM App for iOS is still available.

So sad, it is really handy having that on my phone. That makes two apps that don’t work on Android. All the more I avoid Apple. Surely there must be a way to upload the file manually. Do I need to look for another genealogy program that will work on Android?