Android app for rootsmagic 8

I had the android app on my Samsung phone and realized it is not up to date. I am now using Rootsmagic 8 but can’t seem to find an easy way to get the latest version in my Dropbox.

Have you tried File => Export => Dropbox?

Yes and it looks like it is in Dropbox on my computer/When I try to open it, it wants ot download it to my computer. When I try to open the app on my phone, i go to file and click on dropbox and it shows the file but when i try to open it, it says there is an error

I thought about uninstalling the app on my phone but before i did, i looked on the Google playstore and they don’t seem to have the roots magic app. So i am confused

The RM App for Android has been retired. We have no details on when or if it will be replaced. The RM App for iOS is still available.

which helps us android people not at all. I may need to go with a different program

There are several Android Apps that will read a GEDCOM file. If you have an Ancestry Tree they have a very nice app that will work with your tree and let you update it. Those changes will appear in TreeShare in RM.

Why? January 2022 figures Android has 69.74% market share and iOS 25.49%. Why are RootsMagic trying so hard (and succeeding) in pissing their customers off?

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I am not sure they are really ‘trying to’, but there comes a point when, no matter how brilliant the plan, your tools and your skills as a developer serious limit what you can actually accomplish. Delphi is one of those tools that very few serious devs even want to try tackling…at least not without a really fat paycheck. It is ancient, and some have even went so far as to compare it to Visual Basic (a language that I happened to really like, but understand it is of limited use).

In theory, Embarcadero Delphi would allow one to create and compile cross platform apps from one code base, so if done right, there could be a Windows, MacOS, Android and iPadOS app from their one code base. Give the problems that Mac Users seem to have, and my personal experience in seeing the Windows version actually regress, obviously this is not working well. Hence they are unintentionally pissing off their users (I really hope).

Fortunately none of us really need to be stuck with RM8 right now since @TomH seems to have produced a reasonably good way to get our data back to RM7, or so I am told. I only have a play DB in RM8 so nothing I want to try to move back, so I haven’t tried it. And as Renee pointed out, there are other apps out there that will let one work with their data on mobile devices.

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Renee is quite right that the Ancestry app is very good and better than the RM 2015 app in my experience. No dropbox export is required. iOS devices own the tablet market and are an excellent phone device with inexpensive models that work. Their major disadvantage vs android phones is the lack of malware you currently enjoy.

Uh no! Wrong again. Apple may own a large share of the tablet market as opposed to other vendors, however cumulatively, the various Android based vendors hold a larger share than the iPad.

I don’t have an Ancestry tree and have no intention of having one. Do you have any recommendations regarding the “several Android Apps that will read a GEDCOM file”.

Well if you don’t then who does?

We simply can’t answer that right now. The RM App was developed by a third party.

For other apps try a google search for “android app read gedcom file”