RootsMagic App Issue

While attempting to update things, I’ve done something that makes me unable to access my RootsMagic file through Dropbox. On my Android phone it Tells me “There is a problem when trying to connect to Dropbox”. When I attempt to login to my Dropbox account on my desktop it tells me RootsMagic would like to access the folder in Dropbox. But whether I choose Allow or Cancel is blows up and says it can’t find the page. I’m able to get into my Dropbox account and see the RootsMagic folder with the latest file in it. What am I overlooking or doing wrong here? Thought I might even uninstall the app on my phone and reinstall but am not able to see that there is even an app available any more. Has it been discontinued?

RM’s Android app has been discontinued. RM’s iPhone/iPad app is still available.

I’m sorry to learn that. Not an Apple guy so guess I’m out of luck. Thanks for the info though.

Use the free excellent Ancestry mobile app to view and edit your trees on ancestry. The iOS version is great. The android probably does work too.

Just one point … I assume that you can’t use the Ancestry App offline … So it is useless when you don’t have an Internet connection!
Also it is of no use to people who do not want to put their family tree online!

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We keep telling Rooty that, but he keeps flogging away at it. Maybe his 401(k) is heavily invested in Ancestry stock.

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Stick with stone knives and bearskins if you want. The rest of us will just move on.

Actually, many of use don’t store our data on Ancestry. I just spent a couple of hours using Ancestry Library Edition at our local library and was shocked to see how substandard their citations are. They need to steal a page from FamilySearch’s playbook and provide actual citations.

Wise people do not store master data on ancestry but a copy of your master databases provides useful hints and searching abilities.