Manually move a file to the Android RootsMagic App

Since the Android version of Rootsmagic is now unsupported, Dropbox will not connect and therefore not able to update my RootsMagic databases. Does anyone know how to manually move the updated files to an Android phone. I have an old iPad that dropbox will not access, but files can be installed using iTunes. Having the Rootsmagic databases on my phone is such a handy thing when away from home. Hopefully RootsMagic will decide to support this app for Android or create another one.

RM phone app was never from Rootsmagic but 3rd parties. Android is gone and iPhone is extremely old and was just a viewer. Forget Dropbox as a conduit for your databases.

Use the free Ancestry app on phone or pad. It works great for any tree uploaded to Ancestry and is able to edit your file if desired. This app is actively maintained and quite nice.

Will not put my database on Why should they benefit from the work I have done? For the small amount of research I do, the cost is prohibitive and Family Search is free… I will look for another app to have the data on my phone.

There is an option at for your tree – no one but you can see it.

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If you utilize the free RootsMagic web hosting via:
You can then access that (for reference) via the web, from any device, with a web browser.

I have published my tree, but the RootMagic phone app would show several databases that I have. Well, having mine is better than nothing. Thanks

Still would like to know where my database files are stored on my Android phone.

Thanks, I did not know that. I will look into it.

If you so desire, be sure to prevent your private tree from being found in searches (here at the bottom):

Ancestry free account will let you have trees uploaded and you can set them to be private and not found in searches. Then the ancestry app should be able to show them on your phone.

…and you keep missing the bit about people not wanting their data in the hands of Ancestry. Just because you have no compunction about flinging your data about, it doesn’t mean that most other people are of a like mind!

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And just because the private tree will not be found in searches does not mean that Ancestry does not have access to that data to mine and use as they wish.


Yes, why would I give them my info for them to make money off of it when they overcharge for their service!

Sorry, do not trust them at all! They are not getting more of my info and in fact I plan on removing what I already have uploaded.