Android app using RM8 database

  1. I upgraded RM to V8 a month ago and that’s the only DB version I am using.
  2. I upgraded my phone yesterday from Android V6 to Android V12.
  3. I downloaded and reinstalled the RootsMagic Android app.
  4. I downloaded and reinstalled the DropBox Android app and it is connected to my DropBox files.
  5. In RM8 I exported the database (which I think turns it from .rmtree to .rmgc) and it was uploaded to DropBox just like it always used to do in to the Apps > RootsMagic folder and I can see the .rmgc file there with today’s date on it.
  6. Then I go to the mobile app and select File > Dropbox and it gives me a Link Dropbox warning / instruction and I click OK
  7. Error - The app was not correctly configured and cannot access your Dropbox. OK.
  8. I also got an email from DropBox asking if this new connection was OK and I said yes.
  9. Then I tried the File > DropBox again and got the same error, so that wasn’t it.
  10. Now what?

And if I get past making my RM8 .rmtree available to the Android app … does it know what to do with it? The app looks like it pre-dates RM8 by quite a bit.