Dropbox for app in RM7

I am using RM7 on my PC and have the RM app on my Android phone. When I try to use “Save to Dropbox for apps” I get an error message indicating “Your current Browser is not supported” I have the latest version of Firefox. What am I doing wrong?


That feature is broken in RM7. Instead, make a copy of your RM7 database in C:\Users\username\Dropbox\Apps\RootsMagic\

Your RM7 database will have an RMGC file extension. Replace “username” with your Windows user name.

You can make the copy of your RM7 database from with RM7 itself using File => Copy from the main menu. You can also make the copy of your RM7 database from Windows File Explorer.

Thank You, Jerry
I will try that. I usually do not do any work in the mobile app, but it is very handy to be able to refer to it when away from home.

Ancestry’s ios app is a handy way to refer to your linked tree on ancestry.com.

You can also use the rootsmagic app to view only your tree. If you upgrade to an iphone or pad you can transfer the RM file via Finder from your mac (windows explorer for pc user). RM has not updated their instructions or app for current OS function. No need for dropbox in either case.

That is a good thing, because you can’t work in the mobile app. It is read only and can only be used to read the data, not change it.