RM App for iPhone and iPad not working

For many years I have been using the RM App on my iPhone 8 (iOS 16.1.1) and iPad (iPadOS 16.1.1

16.1.1 is a recent update and the issue I have predates the OS update.
Starting about 2 weeks ago the RM app would open and immediately close down when I chose either ‘Files on device or files on Dropbox’. This happens on both iPhone and iPad.
For months I have been exporting my RM data to Dropbox mostly without issue - that is until now.
I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the App on both devices, but the same problem happens with the App closing instantly I try to choose a source. I am aware that RM8 requires an Export of data to a (.rmgc) file extension and have been doing this for some time problem free.

Is anyone else using the RM App on Apple kit? I’ve searched the help files but to no avail.
Help solving this would be much appreciated.
I posted this on RM Facebook and had a reply from Jackson Andersen (Tech support) who doesn’t have this problem with his iPhone.

Thank you

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I’ve just opened some ‘on device’ files on both an iPhone and an iPad, both at 16.1.1. BUT these are relatively old RM7 files, not files ‘exported’ from RM8. (I haven’t been able to find a way to transfer the latter as I don’t want to involve Dropbox.)

ios RM app is read only, very old (2015), unsupported and requires dropbox to get data files.

Use the current supported and much better ancestry ios app which accesses any trees you have uploaded on ancestry and can edit those files.

That only works if people use ancestry and many don’t. When someone posts a question asking for help, telling them to use another piece of software isn’t a very helpful response.


If asked how to get to the other side of a brick wall a valid response is to go around and stop trying to smash through it. Those not using ancestry may not be aware of it’s utility and are overlooking a useful tool.

Thank you Recrooks, you’re correct, I was looking for a solution to the problem with RM app and my iOS devices which were fine with iOS 15.xx. I do not use or want to share my tree on Ancestry . Others use iOS 16.xx devices without issue - it can’t be just me, or can it?
ps. I’ve updated to iOS 16.1.2 today but still have the problem.


Open a support ticket with the file you are uploading to Dropbox to use with the app and we will test it out.

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An update for you Renee… I decided to do a factory reset on my iPad and then reinstated apps and data from a backup on iCloud but the problem persisted. I did a second factory reset but didn’t reinstate all apps, just the apps that came with iOS 16, now 16.2. I then installed the RM app from the App store and pointed it to my Dropbox RM data file and guess what, the RM app is working fine.
I reasoned that the issue I had was probably a rogue app and as I had far too many apps I’ve started to install just my favourite apps. So far the RM app continues to work ok. As and when I install any further App store apps I will run the RM app to check that all is well.
I’m now going to go through the same process with my iPhone. It would be satisfying to know which app is the rogue - if that is the case but I’m happy to cull my apps and have a clean iPhone.
Thanks for your help and Happy New Year.

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Darth, Any luck with your iPhone RM app accessing RM8 data?

I also have an iPhone at iOS 16.2 and the RM App crashes every time I select the RM8 the rgmc file on dropbox. I reinstalled the app on the iPhone, reset the Dropbox account, restarted my iPhone, downloaded a new rgmc file to dropbox, and it still crashes all the time. Maybe I need to change the order of these steps. I will not do a factory reset of my iPhone.

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Hello jdog, I haven’t yet cured the problem with my iPhone and like you, want to avoid a factory reset. What I’ve started doing I’d deleting apps from my iPhone and noting down a list on old fashioned pen and paper the name of each app as I delete it. Once deleted I try the RM app to see if it works - so far it still fails as you describe. This approach is a bit tedious and time consuming but I’m hoping that it will perhaps identify a rogue app.
On my iPad I have reinstalled several of the apps I had before and so far the RM app is behaving. There were a number of apps I didn’t use so I won’t be installing them again.
In a way I’m pleased that someone else has the problem - I thought I was all alone in the forest!
If I do spot a rogue app I’ll let you know.
PS. I’ve captured screen shots of my iPhone apps to help identify those I’m deleting.
Good luck.

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