Whats easiest way to download roots 8 To Mac , Ipad

Whats easiest way to download roots 8 to Mac, i just find it so hard i get no where at all, dropbox im totally confused , can i not just download the app and sign in sos.

Assuming that you are trying to install the program on your Mac then you just download the program from the website. No need to use Dropbox unless you want to use the read only app on your ipad, phone or similar device. Maybe clarify what it is that you are trying to do.

As Terry says, just download the dmg and follow the instructions for installing - it’s just the same as installing any other program on a Mac. Dropbox has nothing to do with it - that’s only for backups or, when it’s ready, for the read-only file on your iPhone or iPad.
Since I started using RM8 I’ve been using iCloud for my remote backups rather than Dropbox, but that’s a personal choice

File/Export Data/DropBox is needed to provide the database for viewing in the app on the iPad.

## Has the RootsMagic App for Android and iOS devices been updated

“The RootsMagic App has not been updated to accept the RootsMagic 8 database (.rmtree) file. Instead we have created an export option inside RootsMagic 8 that will send the database with the correct (.rmgc) file extension for the RootsMagic App. Go to File, Export Data, Dropbox to upload the file to Dropbox which then can be downloaded by the RootsMagic mobile app.” RM Wiki


Guide for installing on the Mac

thanks folks im no nearer getting this sorted i cant see any blue application , when i down load nothing happens

#sorry folks its actually an ipad i was trying to download to is this possible ?

There is no way to run RM8 on iPADOS but there is a readonly app that uses dropbox to load your database. What are you trying to do?

On RM8 - File/Export Data/DropBox to make the data available
Download the iphone/ipad app “RootsMagic” from App Store.
In the App - Files/DropBox - choose your RM Database
It will be downloaded onto your device
Then you can view the data.
You cannot change the data from the app.

just have it on ipad for records thanks