Rootsmagic8 on ipad

I am Having difficulty adding RM8 to my v15.5 iPad 6th generation using my MACOS Monterey w 16GB 2667 MHz DDR4 & 3 GHz 6-core i5. Is this possible to accomplish? Do I have adequate devices to run RM8 on my iPad. RM8 runs fine on my Mac but I am not able to install the app onto my iPad via my Mac. Thank you for your time.

There are two separate programs to be considered. There is RM8, which runs only on Windows or a Mac. There is the RM mobile app which runs only on iOS devices such as an iPad or an iPhone.

The RM mobile app is a very different program than is RM itself. It is read only and is intended to allow you to carry your RM database around with you, for example to go to the library, but it is not intended to to allow you to update your RM database. And the full RM8 is simply not designed to work on your iPad.

The RM ios app is a gedcom reader only, 7 years out of date and not very good.

Use the free and frequently updated Ancestry ios app. It will load any of your ancestry trees and allows you to edit them.

The problem with @Rooty’s suggestion is that he doesn’t believe that some people don’t actually have an Ancestry account, or that they don’t feel the need to put a tree on Ancestry, even though it has been pointed out numerous times. You didn’t say whether or not you do have an Ancestry account or tree, so his suggestion might work, but if not, just ignore it.

Incorrect. It does not read GEDCOM files. It only reads RM database files. There are other iOS apps that can read GEDCOM files exported from RM.

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Just clarifying here, is your problem getting the app installed, or the data into it from RM8 on your desktop?
Admittedly I’m still running 14.8.1 on my ipad mini but the app runs find using regularly updated data from the RM8 File > Export data option.
When I go to the App store on my ipad, Roots magic is there as an App.
Is it not there for you?

Yes the problem is with getting it installed on my ipad. I followed Directions to plug ipad into desktop then open itunes, select ipad from devices on left side panel & from here ??? I could not get any further when trying to download from desktop to ipad. Suggestions were offered to use dropbox or icloud - I need to find directions on how to pursue these options. It may be an apple issue. Thank you.

have you tried starting from your ipad and going to the App store to instal the app?

Yes, there would seem to be confusion between installing the app on the iPad - yes, go to the App Store to do that - and downloading your RM data from you PC to the iPad - use the via Dropbox method to transfer the data.

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This is my message (attached). I will try again. I don’t think iTunes is a stand alone app on the desktop any longer. I will keep trying. Maybe someone understands this, I confess I haven’t used iTunes for a long time. Thank you.

You cannot download App’s from the desktop version of itunes anymore.

On you ipad open the ‘App Store’ … Search for ‘RootsMagic’ and download it.


Ok, so you are not answering the questions that you are asked. Have you actually installed the app on your iPad? Forget your datafile for the moment. The screenshot you posted above is telling you how to move your data to the iPad, not the app. So until we establish that you have the app install, we really can’t go any further. Your Mac has absolutely nothing to do with installing the app from the Apple store, so forget it for now.

If you do indeed have it installed, as in the little icon shows on your iPad screen, then your screenshot is telling you to go find your .rmgc file on your desktop machine, not the Rootsmagic app. So if you do not already know where you have the datafile, then you need to locate it.

Yes, this is correct. You used to use this as one way of transferring your RM data file to an iPad. (The other way is and still is to use Dropbox.)

The replacement for iTunes is the standard Finder application within MacOS. If you connect an iPad via USB, then the iPad should appear in the left hand menu in Finder. (If it doesn’t appear, check your Finder view options are set to display USB devices.) With the iPad selected, choose the Files panel in the right hand panel and then RootsMagic from the list of apps to see the RM files on your iPad. To move an RM data file to the iPad, drag and drop it over RootsMagic in the list of apps; use the delete key to delete it from the iPad.

HOWEVER, the app needs an RMGC format file, so the RM7 format, not the RMTREE format used in RM8. So, the above works well for RM7 data files, but though RM8 files can be transferred that way, the app won’t find them.

In RM8, if you use the Export option under the Files tab and select Dropbox as the destination, RM8 will convert you RMTREE file to an RMGC file, prompt you to sign in to Dropbox, and then I assume it will put it somewhere that Dropbox on the iPad can find it. (I haven’t tried getting past the sign-in screen.)

So, the problem with using Finder to move the data to the iPad is - where do you find the RMGC version of your data? (If there is a temporary version somewhere on my Mac, I can’t find it.)

Thank you! I have pretty much decided it isn’t worth the hassle. When I heard someone mention you have view only without edit I will be happy without it on my iPad. Thanks for clarifying iTunes on Mac desktop no longer functions for importing-exporting to iPad. I will get back to researching.