Sources - Import source list from RM7 to RM8 - Bruce training video

In one of the training videos Bruce explained how to export a list of master sources from RM7 to import to RM8. Unfortunately I have viewed the video prior to downloading RM8.

Anyone remember the steps taken to export this and import to RM8?

I am starting a fresh database in RM8 and wish to utilize some of the custom sources I created in RM7 in the new database.

Thank you.

Under the File tab, see Import Data, then Import lists. If you imported your RM7 file to RM8 your custom sources should have imported also. Did you check the source templates to see if they did?

I think you have to import your RM7 database containing custom lists into an RM8 database and then you can import the custom lists from that RM8 database to another. I don’t know of a way to import custom lists straight from RM7 to RM8.

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Thanks @alainemk Alan, I was starting a new database but wanted to import the custom sources created in an existing RM7 database.

Will re-watch the training videos to see if I can find what Bruce had mentioned. Sounded like an amazing option available to import sources without re-keying everything :slight_smile:

I’m away from my pc but, iirc, RM7 has a export/import lists feature under the Files menu. I haven’t gone looking for it in RM8 but if it has, I should think there could be a channel from one to the other. If RM8 does have the feature and there is an incompatibility with RM7 lists, then any RM7 database you import into RM8 can have its lists exported for import into another RM8 database.

I have found Export/Import for Source Templates:
Sources > … > Source Template List > Export | Import
It exports and imports .rmst files, the same as RM7.

I was wrong about RM7. Under File menu, there is only Import Lists, not Export, because it directly imports the selected list type from another RM7 .rmgc database file. The same functionality is available in RM8 except the import is from a selected .rmtree database. For any list other than Source Templates you want to import from RM7, import the RM7 database into RM8 first.

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@TomH ~ Thank you so much! You have been a great help to me with RootsMagic over the years :smiley:

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