Custom Reports in RM8

Are custom reports available in RM8 as they were in RM7.

I have several custom reports in RM7 and would either like to import them into RM8 or recreate them in RM8.

Thanks in advance


Not yet! Custom Reports are hopefully coming in the near future.

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Thanks for replying - that’s a bit of a nuisance. Will have to continue with RM7 until they arrive.

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Rats. When I first saw that RM8 reports could be saved to Excel of .csv-format files, my immediate thought was that I would try it out on one of my custom reports and edit them further, and . . . uh, where are the custom reports, anyway? After searching fruitlessly for a few moments, I came here to confirm that less than happy news.

Are we able to export from RM8 to RM7 (backwardly compatible), so that I may use RM8 as my primary tool but keep RM7 updated for when I need to run one of my custom reports?

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Reports was one of the last features added before release. There is still more work to be done on reports. Hopefully, custom reports will be here soon. We all need them, The build-in reports are nice but when you need data they just don’t give you what you need.

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You cannot export back to RM7 directly. You would need to export a GED file them import that into RM7. Not ideal, but not many program are backwardly compatible so it is something that I am used to.

You are correct! I meant to type cannot and have edited it accordingly.

Next concern is this: Have my custom reports already been exported to RM8, and are just waiting till the machinery is in place, or will I have to make a second export from RM7, or will I have to rewrite all my custom reports anew?

I would assume you will need to recreate the forms, which it’s hard to do. Just look at the ones you have in RM7. What always gets me is that there isn’t a way to see what criteria you used to create a group or a place to write a description as to what data you’re using for the group.

Hopefully it will not take too long as I have been using them in RM7 and it was the first thing I tried to do with RM8. Thanks

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Will we be notified when custom reports will be available? I have just reverted back to RM7 as I use this feature frequently and it would not be efficient to maintain two separate versions. This a pity as the look of RM8 is very promising.

Not directly, it will be in an update and you will have to look at the description of what was fixed/added. Just like in 7

Thanks for the response

A workaround for custom reports is to export your RM8 back to RM7 and create your custom reports in RM7. This can be done extremely easy.

Export Data
Select Dropbox

This will upload your RM8 data file to dropbox in a RM7 format. The RootsMagic app uses a RM7 format.

This process creates a folder in your dropbox call Apps. In that folder will be a folder called RootsMagic. In there you will find your .rmgc file that RM7 uses. It’s a complete file.

Simply open your RM7 then open that file. Now you can create custom reports using your RM8 data.


Custom Reports are available in 8.1.2. They appear to have picked up defined custom reports from the RM7 database. The definitions would have been imported whenever and only just revealed as of this restored feature. One thing missing is the Save to XLSX spreadsheet format. RM8 has Save to TXT which exports a tab-delimited file that opens readily in spreadsheet software but you have to do extra steps to import it. Custom Reports should save to XLSX because they are row-column defined and the OS will automatically open it with the default spreadsheet software.