RM9.0.0 Missing Custom Reports

I just checked my Custom Reports and found they are missing. I think this was a problem in RM8 early on that was remediated, but now it looks to be an issue again. If anyone is using Custom Reports , could you check and see if they were brought over? I am creating an RM9 database from RM7, not from RM8. If its not just me, I will open a ticket.
I’m running RM9.0.0 on Win 10.

I am not aware that custom reports were brought over in any version of RM8 or 9.

My Custom Reports have migrated from 7 to 8 and then 9.

They are found under “Create or Select Report”

I can run Custom Reports in 8.5 and 9.0.1 but I must recreate the format.

Yes, my Custom reports are here, in Custom reports, click Create or Select Report, and I see mine.

Thanks to all who responded. I decided to delete my RM9 database and redo the import from the RM7 database file, but got the same results - no custom reports(see below). Just wanted to verify from those who responded, could you confirm your on RM9.0 and not RM 9.0.1? Thx

I have no customer reports in 9.0.0.

Could it be possible that your Folder Settings are wrong for the Report folder? I doubt it, but worth checking.

Hi Holly, thanks for the question, but my issue is with generating the reports and not where the reports are output. In RM7, I developed many customized report queries that are saved in the RM Publish, Custom Reports section. I can run them any time from there. When I installed RM8, the queries from RM7 were copied over. When installing RM9.0.0, none of the queries came over. I pasted below an example of the queries in RM 8.5.0. Although some people did not have this issue, I think I will open a ticket with support and see if they can assist me.

Confirming the loss of custom reports with a new import of RM7 into RM9. It has been reported to development.