Creating and customising an Ancestor Chart

In RM7 I produced an ancestor chart for 10 generations and printed it out onto 11 A4 pages. Glued together it has served me well for many years but I now wish to update with additional research/generations. I don’t seem to be able to do this with RM8, the only option appears to be to send it off to RM HQ for printing as one sheet. Is this yet another RM7 function not available on RM8?

We added to the wiki the print setting for multiple pages.

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Many thanks for this information. It works to an extent, but I am still experiencing problems with truncated names at page borders. Is it possible to restore a RM8 backup file into RM7? I could then do it as before.

The short answer is no, because there are structural differences between a RM8 database and a RM7 database.

There are 3 ways that I know of for getting data from RM8 back to RM7 and all expose you to loss of data.

RM8’s File>Export Data>Dropbox generates a .rmgc file for the iPhone app that can be read by RM7
The program found at SQLite Tools for RootsMagic

Good Luck!

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I don’t think this is actually an option. It was tried early on and there were problems in getting RM7 to read the altered .rmgc file.

If the purpose is a temporary file for making the chart, then the data loss is irrelevant.

If the purpose is to switch primary platform, then my SQLite procedure is the best.

I just did it for the 5th time. Tom Holden has confirmed it works but the Role Table is not included so you lose all you Shared Data. Not important to me since I don’t share data.
Tom’s report from 04/22

Tom’s SQLite program is now probably a better choice for completeness.