Sources imported from TMG

I purchased RM8 for my MAC and imported my database from The Master Genealogist on my PC. Everything seems fine except for sources imported. Many imported as FreeForm. I want to change the type to a Websource but I can’t edit the category. Do I have delete the source from TMG and re-enter it in RM8 or is there a way to edit the imported source from TMG?

I also imported from TMG a year ago.
When importing my sources using custom TMG source templates, the template was switched to something I never specified. I fixed the problem by making a change in TMG before I imported to RM.
I don’t know if this is wheat you’re seeing.
I can say that once you have imported, RM does not let you change source templates.

The best part of RM is the easy access to the underlying sqlite database. There are many operations that can be performed on the database that aren’t supported in the application.

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