Need help with old TMG files

Hello, Does anyone have a way to open old The Master Genealogist files so i can import into RootsMagic 7? I have a folder with a LOT of files (that TMG created) but It was on a backup. I no longer have access to my TMG programs. I would love to have someone try to open it and export it in a way that I can then IMPORT it into Rootsmagic 7 or 8. I can send my email address if there is someone out there that can help. This folder is from 2004 so it might be TMG5 or 6. or even before. Yikes. but it will save me a TON of work if I don’t have to reimport it. (thought I was done with that particular project and i guess I never migrated it along with all my other files over the years).

THANK YOU! I hope there is a smart TMG knowledgable soul out there who can help.

in Maine

Ask rootsmagic tech support if they can help. They may have old TMG versions on hand for testing purposes. also google how to recover data from old tmg files and see what comes up.

TMG Backup files are basically Zip files with a .sqz file extension. You might try to copy your TMG backup file to a new folder and then rename the copied file extension to “.zip”. Then unzip this renamed file of TMG files to a new folder that can be used to import the TMG files into RM7 or RM8 files. I think this will work. Also, try the help forum for TMG where someone might be able to help you convert your TMG backup into a TMG file. [Forums - Wholly Genes Community].

I just tested the unzip approach and it worked for me. Your TMG data files will be in the unzipped Projects folder that you can point to in RM8 during the import process.

Family Historian can import native TMG files and it saves its file as a GEDCOM file. So, once you import it you will have created a GEDCOM that RM can import. But be warned, once you start playing around with Family Historian you may bid RM a fond farewell.