RM7 Two Questions

Question 1: There is a function in RM7, “Import Lists” I’ve been working on my sources in RM9. I was fixing the citations in RM7, but I have to look up who the citation belongs too (i.e. what person’s fact) in RM9, then fix it in RM7. If RM7 could import the RM9 source list with citations attached to the source, that would be swell! If not, what kind of list does this function import from what source?

Question 2: What is a LST file? I note when I create a new file, a LST file with the same name is created. Do I need to keep that file with the new data file, i.e. move it to the data folder? If I rename my data file do I need to rename that file too?

Thank you kindly, folks!

Import Lists allows you to move stuff between Rootsmagic files. Take a look at Importing Lists - RootsMagic Wiki. Yes, it says RM8 but the function is the same. Unfortunately it is NOT going to move the citations for you.

An .LST file is created during a GEDCOM import and various information is recorded in it in regards to the import. You should probably take a look at it as it will give you a breakdown of information that was not imported in the process. This way you can fix or add it in the new file. No, you don’t need to keep it or rename it. It is information only and doesn’t impact your file in any other way.


Thank you Kenneth - great information! I will look at the .lst file to see what is missing from my gedcom import. Maybe I’ll be able to patch up my imported file.