What to do with a .LST file

My cousin has sent me a gedcom file that he downloaded from ancestry. We had been working on the tree together but he is the owner of the tree. Since ancestry does not currently let you transfer tree ownership, he downloaded a gedcom. I created a file in rootsmagic 9 as per the instructions and have found the .LST file listed in the folder with my other .rmtree files. I opened the file with Notepad++ so I can see the line numbers, but I am not sure what to do to fix the errors. I have a total of 4480 lines but I see at the bottom of the file that there are errors on line 14375–so the line numbers do not line up with the error lines.

Am I doing this the hard way? I just want to open the tree, if I see errors when I compare to the ancestry tree online that I can manually fix them - I just want a base to start from.


I am not certain why you are messing with the .LST file. You can import the GEDCOM directly into a blank RM database and work with it there. You cousin can also set you as an editor on the Ancestry tree and then you can Treeshare it directly into RM without messing with the GEDCOM file.

Apart from @kfunk suggestion to get the privilege to TreeShare the Ancestry Tree, the LST file reports the line numbers of the GEDCOM file with which RM’s import had a problem. It’s of no interest what line that is on in the LST file. So you could view the LST file in Notepad without line numbers and look up the reported line in the GEDCOM file using Notepad++ which does show line numbers.

Thanks, I am an editor on the ancestry tree. That allows me to add, delete etc anything on the tree except download a gedcom or Treeshare, as I am not the owner of the tree.

I will see if my cousin can Treeshare it into rootsmagic.

Thanks for your help

That is interesting, as editor on my cousin’s tree, I have had no problem treesharing her tree.

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My experience is the same as Ken’s. With the ancestry.com editor role, I cannot export a gedcom but I can treeshare to RM. Are you sure you’ve tried to download the tree as a new RM file?

I had a look again and found the “downlad a tree” on the home page. I was very happy to see my cousins tree after I logged into ancestry, especially with all the info I was reading online saying I would not be able to do that as I was not the owner of the tree.
I followed the instructions - created a new file and downloaded the tree. Everything looked great. I closed everything and went back to my main tree I use, a completely different file name than the tree that was downloaded. Now I see that somehow there are duplicates which seems to have been pulled from the new file that was created!! I have no idea how that could happen since they were two differnet files with different names?

Downloading a tree from ancestry into a new RM file will not add people into an existing RM database. They must have been there already. From the People menu, People List view, click on the Customize button and add the “Date Edited” column to get a hint as to when people were last edited in RM. That might provide some clues.