Struggling with RM & Ancestry Hints/Updates

I work primarily on Ancestry and have just bought RM9 so as to have a off-line copy of my tree for safe keeping. I have imported my Ancestry tree to RM but can’t make heads or tails of the videos - do I open my RM tree and then import my Ancestry tree again to update the changes? When I do that, RM seems to be asking me to create a new file (I have multiples now.) Or do I open my RM tree and click on an individual light bulb hint to update that person - with a tree of thousands, that will take forever! I am sure I am missing a simple step - can anyone help this newbie?

If you need to move data between RM and Ancestry go to Publish, Ancestry TreeShare. It will open the tree associated with the database currently open. They you can select which data to move back and forth.

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Whenever I go to Publish, Ancestry TreeShare, it always says upload your tree to Ancestry or download an ancestry tree - do I have to download it again?

The procedure to follow is to create a blank RM database. Use treeshare to pull the Ancestry tree down to Rootsmagic. This will link your database and the online tree. When you wish to update the Ancestry tree or the RM tree, you will follow the instructions that Renee gave you.

You don’t say how you imported you Ancestry tree, but things like downloading a GEDCOM file will not work as it doesn’t create the link between your file and Ancestey.

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No, not a gedcom … I think my problem was that I didn’t have Ancestry linked to the RM tree I had opened. I tried again this afternoon and it is finally allowing me to compare hints and sources. Hopefully when I go back in tomorrow the link will still be there. Thanks for the help!

It will still be linked as long as you make sure to open the correct RM file. It sounds as if you may have several of them due to your previous trials.