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I’m trying to upload a RM tree as a new tree to Ancestry. After clicking on the “Ancestry TreeShare” button, there should be an “Upload and Connect” option, but there isn’t. What I see instead is this:

What am I doing wrong? Yes, I’m logged into Ancestry (“Registered Guest”, as you can see on top of the picture). I have another tree of a different family branch (at the moment totally unrelated to the new tree) on Ancestry - maybe this is blocking the new tree to be uploaded?

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That is showing that this database was already connected to an Ancestry Tree, is currently connected to it, and that person among the several with blanks in the Ancestry icon column is not matched with anyone in that Ancestry Tree. Therefore, you would “Add” that person to the Ancestry Tree.

If you really intend to upload this database to a new Ancestry Tree, you first have to “Disconnect” it from the current Ancestry Tree. Check Help…

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Ah, thanks, I will try that. For the moment, my Ancestry account “is temporarily locked. Please try again in 30 minutes.”. Hmm, strange.

So, I think that it is working now. Thanks to @TomH again! :partying_face:

There were indeed two problems. The first one was that my RM database was really linked to an Ancestry tree that no longer existed. The help page about Ancestry TreeShare wasn’t of much help, but the one about WebHint Settings did the trick. But it only worked after I had disabled the two factor authenification at Ancestry, which is obviously incompatible (?) with RootsMagic.

Hurrah, my tree is now on Ancestry! :grin:

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