Uploading new tree from RootsMagic8 to Ancestry

I’m trying to upload a new tree from RootsMagic8 to Ancestry using EXPORT DATA and choosing Ancestry.
The window where I should be able to pick the new tree on Ancestry does not appear. Please help?
Thank you

The feature you want is TreeShare. It’s found under “Publish”. Details are here - Ancestry TreeShare - RootsMagic Wiki


You also need to make sure that your existing file is not already linked to a tree. You will have to break that link before Treesharing a new tree to Ancestry. Note that once broken, it can not be reconnected so you will want to make sure to backup before breaking the link so that if things go south on you, you can restore the backup with the original connection.


Thank you, Kevin and KFunk.
I think it is the tree is not broken. Sorry to ask but how do I do that?

Is your question about backup or unlinking a tree?

File-Backup-choose what to include and where to save it.
To unlink an existing ancestry tree go to Settings-Hints and look for Disconnect from tree.

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It is to unlink a tree between RM8 and Ancestry.

I got it done. Thank you for walking me through this.

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