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I’m a new user. I have a tree on Ancestry that I created a GEDCOM to transfer the file to Rootsmagic. Everything went well…the last thing is a window popped up that asked for Tree share to Ancestry, do I want to Upload and connect to new Ancestry Tree or Download and connect ( Download an Ancestry Tree)

1st, why did you use a GEDCOM file? Treeshare will allow you to directly download your tree, including any media. GEDCOM will not bring down your media files.

If you are going to continue how you started, then you are going to upload a new tree to Ancestry which will be completely separate from the tree where you created the GEDCOM file.

My advice is start over, create a blankfile and TreeShare your data into it instead of GEDCOM. How you do that depends on which version of RM you have.

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This was what the tutorial with Rootsmagic said to do. It’s actually a little difficult to maneuver your way around this site (I think)

There may have been a tutorial, but it does not say that is what you HAVE to do. In fact, it is recommended that you do NOT do it if you have media files attached to your Ancestry tree that you wish to keep. If you don’t have media files, then by all means, carry on, however you will be creating a second tree whether you want to or not, by uploading. You can not connect your tree in Rootsmagic to your Ancestry tree as it currently stands.

Again, I would suggest you start over. If you are using Rootsmagic 8, click the File menu and select Download from an Online Tree. The choose Ancestry, chose where you want to store the file. Along the way you will need to select some options as to how dates are formatted and names are displayed, and you will need to enter your Ancestry credentials…then sit back and let it do its thing. This can take some time depending on the size of your Ancestry tree and how many media items you have.

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How do I delete what I already have…this is all new to me, and thanks!

You can download from Ancestry to RootsMagic again just give your file a different name.

Thank you all so much, I got it up and running!

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