Uploading my tree from Ancestry.com

I am very interested in uploading my tree to my computer. I have 2187 people with photos, documents and sources. Can someone tell me how to do this, or if it is even possible?

If you want to download your Ancestry Tree select File, Create a new RootsMagic file, Download from Online Tree, Ancestry. It will have you login to Ancestry and then select the tree to download.

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Thank you rzamor1. Will it download all 2100 family members, and photos, etc?
Also, forgive me but I am trying to understand what I will be facing, as I thought I saw discussions that photos, documents, etc. downloaded separate from the people and you have to look in a file and figure out who it goes to?
I thought I would try the free version first and see if I am able to do this.

Media will download with the Ancestry Tree. It is placed in a sub-folder in the folder where your database file is. The media will be linked in its proper locations inside RM. You won’t need to relink media unless you’ve moved it.

Am I allowed to get the free one first and upgrade to the paid one at a later date?

Yes. It is the same software with features locked out until you enter a key code you will get after purchasing the licence.