Download photos from ancestry

How do I download all pictures from Ancestry to RootsMagic 8. I would rather not to have to download one at a time.

I’m assuming you mean that you have tree at Ancestry and that you have many images linked to people and events at Ancestry. If that assumption is correct, then the TreeShare feature in RM would be the way to go.

You wouldn’t just be downloading your images. You would be downloading your entire tree and the images would come along for the ride. You would need to download your Ancestry tree into a new and empty RM database. You cannot connect together an existing RM database and an existing Ancestry tree.

Your images will all be placed in one big folder, and they will have file names that are pretty meaningless if you just look at them from your Windows or Mac computer. But you will be able to access them from RM because they will be linked to people and sources in RM.

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