Importing images into RootsMagic 9

Hello. I recently purchased RootsMagic 9 and wondered if there was a way to add multiple images into RootsMagic instead of individually, i.e., all images for each person? I recently exported my Ancestry trees into RootsMagic 9 as a GEDCOM file and was hoping for an easy way to move the images over. It’s my understanding that they don’t carry over.

Thank you.

Welcome Trudie

If you downloaded a GEDCOM file from Ancestry, that file has no links to your images unfortunately. So no matter what Genealogy software you use, the images would be missing.

The good news is that RootsMagic has TreeShare that allows you to log into Ancestry, select and download your family tree to a RootsMagic database as well as all your media;

If you already have a tree on Ancestry, you will also be given the option to download it into a new, blank RootsMagic database. A list of trees that you own, as well as trees that have been shared with you with Editor rights will be displayed to select from. A dialog window will open if you need to create a new database for your download.”, refer
Ancestry TreeShare

If you have any other questions, someone in our community will be able to help with this process if required.

Just to clarify, the ultimate goal is to transfer my Ancestry tree to RootsMagic and to get rid of my subscription to Ancestry. Is it possible to do this with TreeShare and not have import my images? Do I have to keep an active subscription with Ancestry? Is it “sharing” information between two programs or is it moving from my tree from Ancestry to RootsMagic?

Thanks again.

Yes, TreeShare allows you to download your Ancestry family tree and images with or without an active subscription. It also downloads all Ancestry source images.

Once you download your tree into RootsMagic, you can choose to ignore your Ancestry tree.

TreeShare doesn’t have an option to not download images.

… only with a paid subscription but you retain on your computer those downloaded.

Your tree on Ancestry remains even after you have cancelled your subscription. You can still log in with the “guest” level account and see your tree (and I think ) share it with other guest accounts.
You need to delete your tree to remove it.

That was my expectation but not my experience.

My paid subscription with Ancestry ended many months prior to my use of RootsMagic 9. When I downloaded my family tree as mentioned above, it downloaded all my photos etc (that I had previously uploaded to Ancestry) as well as a thousand images linked to Ancestry sources. Very unexpected.

It also used the default Ancestry citation, rather than the citation I used for a few sources, i.e. a few Ancestry source have blank citations (I assume they are either still being prepared or perhaps overlooked).

I manually created a citation for these missing (or blank) citations but when I used TreeShare, the citation in RootsMagic was blank as opposed my citation for that source in my tree.

So getting the Ancestry source images was great, but having to manually replace blank Ancestry citations with entries from my tree was not great.

Hello, for all who responded to my questions about importing images into RootsMagic 9 from Ancestry. I was able to import the entire tree via TreeShare. It worked very well. Thanks, everyone!