Sync ancestry issue -media files

Hello, I´m new here and I hope You can help me.

If I create a new file and connect with ancestry the complete tree, inclusive the media-data, get downloaded.
But if I start the file the next day ore later and connect with ancestry, only the changed data get downloaded, not the new added media.

What can I do to get daily all new media files? Where is my mistake?

Thanks and greatings from Germany

Sorry for my small English

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Are you working in the Ancestry tree online only, and then trying to move it into RM using TreeShare? Where is the media attached on Ancestry? If it belongs to a source citation then the media will come in but only appear under the source and not as fact media.

To add to @rzamor1 's reply. I think that treeshare should bring all media across, provided that you click on the action to transfer it.

If you add something to the gallery in Ancestry, then it will appear as a media item like this

You then have to click on the ‘<’ next to the ‘Person’ items to transfer it across. If the photo was also linked to a fact in Ancestry, then it would appear next to that fact in Treeshare too.

As Renee explained, if the media item was part of an ancestry source, then it would only appear in Treeshare as a source to update.

When you go back into the Edit Person screen in RM and click on the ‘Media’ tab, you should see media from the Ancestry gallery and from the sources.

I have not seen any problems in how treeshare does this.


Hello and thanks for the fast answer.

Sorry, but I don´t understand all, what You mean, because of my English knowlegde…and if I translate it with google, not all is to understand.

I work only online at my tree, and then I would collect and add all my changes to RM in ONE step.
The media are to 97% add to a fact of the person.
Is it this what You mean: I have to collect the changes and then I have to add every person individually?

Greatings Anne

addendum: Is there a possibility to mark more than one person to add ?

The only way to transfer everything to RM in one go is with a new download each time, creating a new file in Rootsmagic. The problem with this is that you lose anthing that you add in Rootsmagic such as groups, links to FamilySearch or the ‘not a problem’ list.

Otherwise you need at least one click to transfer each person from Ancestry to Rootsmagic, and more clicks if you amend a person in Ancestry after adding to them, for example by adding media.

It is usually most efficient to do a reasonable amount of work in Ancestry on a connected group of people, add all the information, media etc that you have about them and then transfer them to RM.


That is what I want to know. So I think at first it will be easyer to make weekly a new file. (in RM I don´t have any links or groups)
Later if I have my 3 family-files in one file merged (.gedcom or .ahn) I have to think about another solution.

P.S. what do You mean with: “a connected group of people”?

If I have another question… must I create a new post?

I want to change from my current software “Ahnenblatt” to RM.
So I create a gedcom, inclusive all media. This works well.
my steps:

  • next: I import the gedcom, set all folder and save as a new file. The first part works, but where are my media.
  • next try: I create a new file and import the gedcom. The same: all data are ok, but no media.
    (I also have create a folder for the media with the same name as my RM file)

I reed the “RM-Help” for import gedcom, but can´t find a hint, to include the media correct.

Greatings Anne

GEDCOm files are plain text files and as such do not include the actual media files. I am not certain how Ahnenblatt handles media but in the case of many programs, RM included, the program only stores a link to the file which does carry over to a GEDCOM file. If Ahnenblatt stores links, then youe media should be in the same place that you store it on your computer, and the links in the GEDCOM file should be valid.

Ahnenblatt works also with Links to the media-files - picture 1

What I have to take in the step of picture 2.
Add Sources
I´ve take the last option. Is this my problem?

sorry for my chaos, but my idea with “fixed the media files” was not the solution. Thatswhy I delete the last post.
I try all 4 options from the picture before and if I check the persons, I see no media:
0 media

Look under the Source button to see if the sources have the media. Only media connected to the fact will show on the Media button.

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By ‘a connected group of people’ I meant a family and their descendants or something like that.

If I am working on my Ancestry tree, adding lots of cousins, I like to add all the descendants of one person that I can find to Ancestry with all the information I can find about them. Then I download all that information to RM and use its tools to check for errors, see whether FamilySearch has more information that I had missed on Ancestry and look at hints from MyHeritage and FindmyPast.

When I have finished with one group, I move on to descendants of the original person’s brother or sister, and so on.

This is because Treeshare needs many fewer clicks to add a new person than to update a person. If I add something like a census record on Ancestry, it will edit lots of people; I may have many census entries for each person. I want to add as many of these people in a single click as possible.

Before Treeshare came out, I used to download my whole tree in a new gedcom each month or so. But that way, you do not get the media and you lose the ‘not a problem list’ which is very useful.


Hello, and thanks for Your hint.
I´ve looked under the source button and unfortunately I see the correct name of source, no media.
Only the profile pictures are to see.
I can´t understand this issue…If I create a gedcom and open it with another software, I have the source, with media. That mean the link to the source are ok.
Maybe I have to look for another solution for my work

I assume that you can see the media in Ancestry. Can you tell us where you see it? Is it in the Gallery, or just the media associated with an Ancestry source? If it is in the Gallery, then is it also associated in Ancestry with any facts?

This is a print of my RM8 edit person screen for my dad

You will see that there are image symbols by his ‘person’ record (reflecting the Ancestry gallery) and by some of the facts (where I have linked those same media items to facts). Then, as @rzamor1 Renee says, there are pen symbols by other facts; these show where I have sources (all copied across from Ancestry). Most of these also have media relating to Ancestry’s sources.

If you click on the media icon at the top left, then you see all of the media, whether in the gallery, attached to facts, or linked to sources.

If you can see the media in Ancestry, but not here, can you show us a screenprint of the person concerned in Treeshare? It should show that there is more information to be copied across.


Hello Alan,
thanks for Your declaration. I know what You mean.
My way to work is a little bit different. I don´t use the webhints in RM.
I look to the hints (it´s very useful) and then… I search for every source. I only use the data when I found this. I only believe what I see. The same procedere with trees of other user.
When I started my work I saw a lot big trees and was impressed, but if I look deeper to each persons I saw a lot of illogical data and connection. For examble: the children were born after the mother’s death or one child was born in 1887 in Poland and had the baptism 3 years befor in France.

Thanks again and
kindly greatings Anne

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If I download the ancestry tree all media are ok, I see all.
The issue is the other tree out of my own gedcom. (from the other software Ahenblatt)

There are indeed very many very stupid trees out there; you are quite right to be suspicious of them. However some of them include people or facts that I don’t have and sometimes I make mistakes. I therefore like to compare what I have with what I find elsewhere and double-check where there are differences; sometimes I confirm that I was right, sometimes I find that I was wrong and sometimes I find extra people or information to add.


the same way like me :slightly_smiling_face:
I´m happy to find here so much support.
Thank You

P.S. this is my program:

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